panic attack.

there are nails on my bed

they’re getting embedded to my skin

reminding me of my situation

blood drips like fountain punishing me for my sins


maturity stays in my conscious in a larger proportion

sometimes it feels like curse too

naive self-cryings choked by evil maturity

metaphorical taunts make my soul poisoned with death every night


the feeling of love gives my nerve panic now

even the sympathetic touch seems like betrayals

the amount of love and affection I wasted never came back

heart just skipped a beat and I ended up a getting a panic attack


the place.

as the sorrow flowed through my blood

the body went numb at that very instance

fell into the well of dreams

got tripped on my own with joy on repeat


wandered over there with wanting to stay there

it felt like I was destined for that very place

the place where demons guided me to happy

the place where people aren’t crappy


the naive mind of mine convinced me I was a part of it

it’s not like I was but I always wanted to be

but reality slaps so hard to wannabees

it felt like feelings went short on the fuel of serenity

enslaved notions.

we became slave to our feelings

this teenage is poisonous

comparisons, flaws and taunts

bleeding scars and never-ending pain


hands shivering with the pen filled with ink of tears

trying to write but no one can see, no one can read

smile curve that used to solve issues is now hurting my jaws

feeling so pity, these youth-age comes up with many flaws


then and now hiding in this sinful skin

cleaning yet stains of blood of betrayals won’t go easily

maybe it’s a lesson to remember of being too silly

this youth-age is a cage, why all the shouts are so silent?


the times are up and the stage is set

with beating heart and shivering legs

there’s mountain on which there is house

with clenching soul and thoughts aroused


my head is numb and thoughts are jammed

like in need of water in the droughted land

can’t bend it either mold it out

trying to keep them calm yet so much shout


there’s a house over the mountain bay

where my dreams reside and soul stays

catching what that I’ve missed

dreaming of ticking peace on my bucket list



wholesome tragedy.

the man trying to be gods

trying to rule in spite of all the odds

mocking us to believe in themselves

denying the fact burying it in the deepest shelf


the brainwashed society with weapons in hands

seems like humanity buried in the corpse lands

forgetting that mortality can’t be controlled

crap talks wouldn’t be able to facts that’d be told


poor souls aren’t meant to be caged

body waiting to be bloomed before it going to be aged

don’t make us slave of your ideologies

hopes are dying for no sins yet begging for apologies


so leave your fantasies on to the hold

let them talk their minds out

while you caress yourself, leaving the inhibitions behind

as you will heal your scars and shine like stars


despite all the shades that been thrown

as the throne seemed to be falling from the head

while you clutter your thoughts through

let them talk their thoughts out


when learning to love yourself lets evacuate the hate

purified body full of joy covered with blue thoughts of the mind

from an unknown source of toxicity there comes hatred of the world

populating the beautiful mind of yours with anxiety and sorrow


it just the beginning of the end

as the stage is set and lights are on me

the voice in the head echoing on repeat

so don’t go and stay for a while


as on the way we’ll see streams of masses

chances are maybe you’ll get distracted

with the head down and your picture in memory

see that roads are finding their way to you


now that you’re in the picture

legs in ground and head in clouds

so please don’t talk just stare

can’t you see our tears are evaporating through the air?


with all kind vibes falling out my skin

as I am getting scarce of humanitarian behavior

pulling out of me is the essence which I need

drugged notions don’t respond to my queries


I need medication to bring back what I’ve lost

is there any anti-biotics to restore relations?

do these syrups bring back good memories?

wondering if there would be anesthesia to numb the pain of past


maybe these x-rays will find out the reason for sorrow

maybe these syringes provide us the antidote of anxiety

maybe these oxygen masks provide us the life we want

maybe these blood-banks warm up our cold blood, maybe

no tricks.

there is no trick to live

no perfect ways to smile

lungs are to inhale positivity only

inspiration is meant to be exhaled


no matter what anyone has to say

short life does not stop for anyone

highway to death is on and following pit-stops are meant to smile

dark night but at least it is accompanied by the dawn of sunshine


raise a glass filled with gutsy vibes

let it radiate towards everyone

everyone those who are suffering

questioning about their life, their existence


all of a sudden everything became aesthetic

thoughts became to flow in another direction

maturity seized the person out of me

as my voice deepened soul echoed through the verse


now everything is like Tumblr

sad, blurry and wavy

colors are there too but just to deepen the effect

discoveries are not disastrous as sadness acting as anesthesia


loose clothes and tighten up thoughts governed by anxieties

absurd reasons authorize my happiness like madness residing

as I came to appreciate the darkness the fear went away

now everything is like Tumblr- sad, blurry and wavy


Thanks for Reading.