Boards Dilemma & How To Handle?

“Talent is cheap; dedication is expensive. It will cost you your life.”

Boards are approaching fast and pressure from peers and parents are at its peak once again. Relatives are once again batting their eyes on how good you’re performing.

So here are some sort of advice on how to maintain your chill and concentrate on
what is required:
1) Take adequate amount of sleep.
-Most of you guys are pulling up all-nighters again spending all day on the bed.
Isn’t it? See understand your body cycle and work according to it, check wheather you are early bird or night owl.
Not taking enough sleep will significantly reduce your efficiency and make you lousy.
2) Avoid Eating too much.
-Eating too much will slow down your body and you will feel dull and will not
be able to concentrate on topic properly.
Preferred Diet–>
(i)Take well-balanced diet and try to eat lighter meals as it will help you to
maintain good focus.
(ii)Eat light snacks in between.
(iii)Last but not the least, Drink lots of Water. (Stay Hydrated)

3)  Avoid spending too much time on Social Media.
-It’s Hard to avoid social media these days as urge too peep in the phone is too strong. So let’s reduce the time spent on social media.
-If it’s not possible to reduce time spent on social media involve your parent
in the process (They can help too 🙂 )

4) Don’t fix/stick to the timetable insanely.
-Listen you’re not the robot , so don’t worry if you do not the complete task on time.
-Study when you feel comfortable (Work according to your body cycle)

5) Don’t let comparison kill your vibe.
-Comparison is good until and unless it is in a positive aspect when it goes
beyond that, it is harmful as it do not add to something beneficial and adds
to stress.

At last, stay calm and work according to your body cycle. Do not take too much
stress about the boards it is just an examination.

Best of Luck and do well. 🙂


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