Hey Dad!

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Day by day we’re getting apart from our parents and in the race of life, we often forget how this man is sacrificed
his whole life to see the happiness on our face.
You didn’t have an idea, how proud this man feels when he sees his children getting ahead and being happy in life.
But we often ignore this man, whatever the reason could be.

He works all day and when he come home all his stress is eradicated by our sweet little smile.
He reduces his needs so we can fulfill ours and moreover, he doesn’t want anything in return (How Selfless?).
He is the one who wants the betterment of his children and he never wants his little one to be sad.


Listen, Man , nothing matters like you,
I've always thought of a life with you. 
You are my inspiration and my soul is a piece of you,
So forgive me for my mistakes if I have committed few.

You've always fulfilled my wishes and bought me what I like,
And you've always got my back when I was feeling low on life.
Always stay with me and never ever stop those sweet high-fives,
I'm your little piece and I'm still learning about life.

Listen, Man , nothing matters like you,
When everyone was blaming me you were the one who said "It's all right";
You have always believed in me, You will always be my "Knight"!
As you grow old, I'll make sure that I am treating you right.

You've given me the strength to be me,
You chased away my tears when I fell and skinned my knee.
Mom is lucky to get a husband like you. Isn't she?
Always be with us, with you we are Great Family. :)

So Next Time?

So, Father's Day is not enough to thank this man for what he have done for us.
So next time you're feeling low , Go to your Superhero (He'll Heal You) <3
Respect Your Dad , Love Your Dad. He will give you both 2x More. xx



2 thoughts on “Hey Dad!

  1. Keep it up meri jaan

    😒😒ruladia bhai

    Respect .!!

    This is the only reasion wy i took advise from you man ….
    Love you bro…😘😘😘

    Ab padh laeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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