Detox Yourself.

Competition. Corruption. Addiction. Jealousy. 
We are occupied by these things so completely that we ruined our inner self.

We've lost our Inner-Child somewhere. No time for ourselves, no time for family,
no time for friends. Where are we heading, we don't know?
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What can we do to make our lives less toxic?

1) Start doing something new every day, Engage yourself in some activity so that you don’t have any time for over-thinking.

2) Stop arguing with Self-Obsessed people, Be smart enough to walk away from them don’t be afraid by doing so.
* Toxic Friendship will always bring you down and make you feel low and bad even though it’s not your fault.
* Make Good Friends and Be selective whom you call the friend.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”
― Jim Rohn

3) Don’t try to be over smart.

*Over-smartness never benefits you in any way although at the end you left with feeling low self-esteem.

*Don’t think you can change each and every one person, you can only advice people you can’t change everybody and anybody.

4) Forget the past, Embrace the future.
* There is no point of remembering the past if it is not sweeter.
* Getting Indulged in the past and not focusing on future will not gonna take you anywhere.
* Get over your past, Start living in present, Think about future.

5) Be Self-Dependent
* Don’t depend on anybody for small things, do things on your own.
even if you fail, you don’t have anybody to blame.

6) Admit you’re Wrong.
*Most the fights happen only because we are not ready to admit we’re wrong.
*Sometimes admitting that you’re wrong prevents you from further circumstances.
*You’re not 100% perfect, you can be wrong at certain moments.

7) Choose a healthy lifestyle.
*By healthy lifestyle, I mean you should follow a lifestyle that is good for both your mental as well as physical health.
*Practice Deep Breathing.
*Stay Away from Negative thoughts. (Stay Away from Negative People)
*Party Hard, Party often but be sure that you’re not partying at the risk of your life. Everything is good until it is in control.

8) Start to take care of your body and your thoughts.
*You’re defined by your thoughts. Good Thoughts=Good Life.
*Healthy mindset is essential for your future.

So in the world full of people you don't need to so popular to be happy, always 
remember happiness lies inside our body and soul. So be happy don't care what 
people think about you.

People are never satisfied with their own life so why are you expecting that they
can be happy with yours?

Enjoy as much as you can. Hug the people around you. Spread happiness as much 
as you can.

You're here to create memories.
-With Love xx


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