We used to be Child. Not now!

Childhood: What’s that?


Gone are the days when we used to stay outside from our home all day in bright sunlight on those summer days. Remember when mamma used to shout at us “Come Inside, Eat some food! ”


But sadly, Things changed drastically the and it took our childhood somewhere, too far, too far that it is lost somewhere…..

Image Source: Google Images

It upsets me when I see these days little children playing with their 21 st century electronically controlled toys. 😦

That little child imagination we used to hold was lost somewhere. I can’t see that anymore!

'Childhood is the only time when you are free'


But those who grew up by counting likes on their social media handles, how will they know the value of satisfaction we felt when we used to return home and drink the cold water after playing for so long outside…

Childhood is an important part of our life where we learn about new things from scratch.

We make new friends, We make mistakes, We laugh, We cry…..


  • I won’t blame children’s alone parents are also responsible for killing innocent childhood. If parents become more aware of the development of their little one at the earlier stage then half of the problem will be solved.Ill-Effects:
  • These Children are not interested in making new contacts and they like more to be left alone rather than being with friends and family. It is okay to enjoy self-company but spending too much time alone deprive us of basic human emotions which we realize later in our lives. They don’t feel comfortable sharing their mind with anyone. They are more likely to develop stress more easily.What can you (Parents)/we(Children) can do?

    *  Try to spend more time (quality/time) with friends and family.
    *  Make sure they are not left alone for so long.
    *  Make new friends.
    *  Balanced use of Technology (Avoid Indulging in Tech for so long without any valid reason)
    *  Try to spend some time outside house (At least on weekends)

    Childhood is a time which we remember when we get old, make sure it is worth remembering. Enrich your Imagination while you’re young, you won’t get this time later son.

    With Love xx


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