Don’t Compare! Be Prepare.

"The Moment you accept yourself, you grow"

We all are born with something in ourselves. Everyone is unique in their own way. But we always think that the other person has better life and lifestyle than us.

"We torture ourselves needlessly by comparing ourselves needlessly by
 comparing ourselves to others"

We should worry less about what others are doing and focus on our own progress. Please note everyone is different and everything changes if you are lacking someday today you’ll get it tomorrow.


The Past has nothing to do with your present and your Future.

"Comparison is the thief of joy"
Take time to love yourself, 
And everything will be okay! Right?
"Don't let other people tell who you are."

The comparison is not a one-way type of process, the comparison also has its different type of ways, may it be in the form financial-comparison, looks-comparison, lifestyle-comparison or in academic-area.

"Someone Else's success does not equal your own failure"


A comparison is not always bad but we should know the difference between Good Comparison and Bad Comparison.


"You're not required to fit someone Else's definition of perfect.
 Being Yourself is good enough"

So, What is Good Comparison and Bad Comparison?

  •  Good Comparison:  Comparison in kindness, joyfulness, and enjoyment is good like if he/she explored that(some) place and he/she told you that the place was fun, then you should try it.
  •  Bad Comparison:  Comparison which adds to your stress level and makes you feel bad and low are not good in any way. That type of comparison kills.

    Worrying about your body?


How to become extremely beautiful?

Stop Comparing yourself to others, Babe!

Love the skin you’re in :))


Don’t look where others are in their journey. Don’t compare your chapter to theirs. You are on your own path and are exactly where you need to be.

Listen, it’s okay to be different in fact it’s one of the best qualities a person can have.  Be Yourself Damn-it!


*   You are not your parents
*   You are not your friends
*   You are not your mate
*    You are unique
*   Let yourself be yourself

You don’t need to be everyone’s favorite, until and unless you are your own favorite. Be the person of your choice and not the one society wants you to be.


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