Let’s Talk!

As in my earlier blogs, I wrote about how we are so occupied by negative thoughts,
low self-esteem, toxic opinions, comparison and more like things.

In our daily hectic routine, We often ignore our friends and family. At the moment
we do not realize but later on, we regret doing it.

No one is too busy that he/she does not talk but still, we do not understand giving 10-20
minutes to someone that needs guidance, advice, care and affection.
Doing this doesn’t cost but the chances are that the person you’re backing up will be there when you need them in your bad times.


β€œWhen you don't talk, there's a lot of stuff that ends up not getting said.”
  • You don’t realize the value of something until it happens to you. Don’t wait for a perfect time,
    You want to talk then go ahead. (Ring them, Message them). Let them know they matter.It’s not mandatory or compulsory that you contact a person only in their bad times to give sympathy.
    Talk to them when possible and please don’t hesitate. I repeat don’t hesitate!
    You never know what the other person is thinking maybe he/she is also having the urge to talk to you or maybe they want someone to talk. BREAK THE BARRIER.
    Try to be the one to message. You probably realize that forward is easier than its sounds.

    But, sometimes we see that it is difficult to initiate conversation.
    What can be done?

  • Find or date someone crazy like you are. Someone who can understand you better and with whom who you’re free to share whatever you want without any formalities.
    Although it’s not necessary that it is compulsory to date someone there are also other substitutes but it is the
    ultimate choice one can have.
    Note: Be careful whom you date, Don’t hurry. Find someone who you find reliable.
  • Step out of your comfort zone and self-assumed facts about someone or something. It is not necessary that the
    Assumptions you have for a person is always right. (Don’t believe in rumors, DON’T)
  • It is not an immediate process, It will take time. Don’t Fall for someone too easily so that you have regret later on.

What if you’re shy?
If you are shy in nature, chances are that you fear socializing with people. You should try going outside,
making eye contact with strangers (Don’t confuse eye-contact with staring, Staring is different it’ll put you in trouble). Try talking to the stranger by the stranger I mean someone which is completely stranger to you so that you’ll never
see that person again so you don’t have to worry even if you make yourself a fool. πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

Unwanted Fears?
You can get rid off unwanted fear if you set the low expectation from a person you’re talking.
But give 100% out of yourself.

Don’t Be Like This:


Maybe if you’re not getting reply, the other person is busy on some other job or doing some stuff. Chances are they will reply you later. πŸ˜›

Don’t s :
1) Don’t just react, be careful about what you said.
2) Don’t jump to conclusions. First, listen what the other person wants to say. Be open-minded.
3) Don’t Argue. Argument counts in negative behavior, it only makes things complicated. By arguing, the interest of another person will be lesser to talk with you.
4) Respect the person you’re talking. Treat others the way they would like to be treated.
5) Don’t be too harsh while talking. Look for what is good and say something about it.

Keeping things within self-does the harm. It breaks you from inside and questions your ability to trust other peoples.
You will feel better once you tell all the things that are going inside yourself to somebody.

NOTE: Be careful with whom you are sharing your all information. Don’t trust blindly.

So, next time when you’re having a bad time or you’re just bored, ping your buddies and check what they are up to.Tell your things and ask out theirs. Bond of friendship will grow, you will feel more relaxed.Talk before it’s too late…

With Love


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