Random Diary Page of Teenager (Short)

Random thoughts all over my mind,unanswered question, self-doubts, listening to same songs over and over again, thinking and thinking and thinking about things I can’t change.


Fearing, escaping. Becoming dull and odd as ever. What’s going on? What am I doing? I don’t know.
Then I am doing things I don’t wanna do. Sleepy all over time. Is it me?


Lying all day on the bed all over the night, don’t want to talk to anybody, don’t want to do anything.
Then there comes, Toxic and two-faced people. Eh! How to handle them? How to confront?
For how long I can act fake? For how much time I need to be alone?
I can’t function like this for now. I need change. I want freedom from myself. I am something. I don’t want to look like them, I don’t need to be like them.
Give me the power to confront, Give me the courage to open up. Give me freedom from myself.
Let’s take a moment to be whatever you are. Be what you see yourself as when you feel lost.


Don’t change yourself for people. This Generation is becoming so toxic. You’re not the only one who is trapped inside this cage. Me too. In fact, every one of us.
Ever saw a rag-pickers in the fields? See their faces when they work all day and at the end of the day when they spent their money to feed their stomach, Ever saw the smile on their faces?
How can you trust the compliments of people so damn blindly? People generally compliments you according to their mood. They say good things about you when they are in a good mindset.
Similarly, when they are on the low vibe, they say things which affect your mood. It is a process.

Who can answer my all these questions:

  • In the world full of toxicity, Where I can find peace?  
  • Where gone the healers?
  • Is there anyone who can sooth my heart and make feel alright?
  • Is there anyone who can understand the confusion, pain, emotions behind my fake smile?
  • Is there someone who can hug me tight and say “Everything is gonna be alright”.
  • Is there someone who can accept me the way I am?
Am I that bad? No dear. No way, you’re special.
You just made an image in your mind according to your experiences.

-Just a random teenager dude. xx

Image Source: Google Images


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