Unknown Strange Feeling (Dear Crush)

This blog is written in perspective of a boy/girl who is touched by the feeling of unknown love.

I am pretty normal average kind of person. I am humorous sometimes , SOMETIMES. Touched from teenager feelings, I too have feelings (Don’t know why?)

Maybe I’m too dull. Why do I feel like I am losing something all over time? Why I cannot say what I want because I fear about unknown issues. Why I feel affection towards someone then try to let go the feeling considering that they will ignore you! Eh! I just can’t control all these feelings. I am better on my own, maybe.

Noticing each other, stalking all day long but don’t want to tell each other things just because you fear you’ll lose friendship too. It sucks.  I know it does. But the pleasure to talk or interacting with them is too damn comforting.


You feel lost. You feel better. You think that everything is good and better than ever.

But after some time, loneliness comes back and takes control. The process of stalking starts once again!

Maybe I’m not right for you, maybe it’s all fear. But for how long I’ll stay the same.

For how long can I love or think about someone who doesn’t even know about my feelings. But don’t know why I have a deep feeling that you think the same.

You do have a feeling. It is strange feeling altogether. Sometimes painful, Sometimes relaxing.



When you’re all ready to speak to that person about your feelings. You both are ready. ^_^

Then there comes the fear of people. Ah! 😦

What to do? What will people say? How do they react? Will they compliment or complaint?

Will they try to break your relation or will they support you? All these mixed up signals had you confused so bad.

Is it normal that you find reasons to talk to one individual person? Is it normal you want their attention only and nothing else matters? Is it okay?

Fear, Insecurities, Confusion! Eh! Why so?


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This is some other unknown strange feeling that you can’t share it with somebody and also you just can’t keep it to our own. *sigh*

Days passed on, they still stalk each other the same way. No one of them ready to come over and speak about the issue. Why this?

Before Sleeping, you just think about them. Next morning, when you woke up then goes to college/school thinking about them wildly. Finding things to share. Finding reasons to talk. This isn’t normal feeling.

My dear crush. I know we’re both feeling the same things. Just hold on everything will be alright.

You don’t have to worry about me to stalk other boys or girls, they may be prettier than you but you’re the one that I have chosen, getting it right?

I just can’t get how people directly express their feelings without any hesitation. I even have to find reasons to talk to you. -_-

Stay wherever. Stay in Touch. You’re precious and yeah you matter. 🙂

-Your part-time Stalker. xx


4 thoughts on “Unknown Strange Feeling (Dear Crush)

  1. I relate to this post on a personal level, cuz I go through the same occupation of being a part time stalker as well as being too shy to tell any prospective crushes how I actually feel. 😛
    Great post! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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