Not that Weak.


Scared from the winds that touch my cheek,
Why am that weak?
Scared of the things that they say to me,
Why am that weak?

Hesitation in saying the thing I want?
Forget about lust, I don’t have any demand.
Anticipation on my own about myself
I don’t have faith in myself.
Questions in my mind…
Who will answer?
Who will understand?

I am just little bit broke,
But don’t worry I won’t choke.
I’m not that weak!
Just faking emotions,
Hiding in the darkness.
I’ve just settled my hope so high,
My legs are so heavy, I can’t fly.

Shattered from Inside,
Scattered from Outside.
My heart ponders,
And my soul sigh. *eh!*

But you know what,
I’m not that weak.
Nah! I’m not weak. I’m neither any less.
I just need some time, some space, and someone. xx


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