Wired or Weird?

It’s been a long I’ve written or posted something. So well let’s get started.
I want to write about something usual yet very underrated topic.

So, It’s Summer’17 already and you all guys are having vacation chill, right?

We spend all of our days staring, scrolling and checking our social handles updates, don’t we?
We put our mobile phones aside then again we switch out to TV sets, right?
From one side to other we are thirsty, hungry and lustful for the things that keep us WIRED.

Where gone the feelings?
Where are the emotions?
Why we reside on the fully-charged mobile handset batteries to drain our souls?
Why don’t we talk, Why don’t we share a sweet walk?

Questions then Arguments. No answers I hear. 
Fear and Anxiety are the familiar clothes I wear!

We are losing human touch, there is something we are collectively doing wrong. We don’t ask now how the other person is feeling, we are self-obsessed human flesh now.
It’s not only the technology stuff that is making us WIRED. We are wired by our expectations, our emotions, and our feelings.
There is well-defined never ending trap of greediness that doesn’t make us get out of this vicious, toxic and disturbing trap.
Unusual comparisons, Society-View, Status? Eh! Do these things are greater than any human beings?

Do you know, how it feels like when one person is forced to pursue the thing that he doesn’t like? It’s like giving guns to an artist in place of brushes. BUT Damn! Society still wants that person to become Artist by using guns. huh? what kind of society is this?

How do we move independently from our bad thoughts if we are WIRED? We’re locked in. We’ve lost the keys somewhere.
There is no one to help. Who will hear our voices when there is no one. Who will heal our wounds when we are alone?
Where do we run when there is thorn all through the path? How do we get rid of this embedded wire on our hearts, mind, and soul?

Help me breathe as this wire is choking my senses. I can’t think clear as everything is a blur. I’m all the way sweaty, frustrated and helpless but I have act strong as the society doesn’t accept weak peoples. Why live in the society then?
What type of tradition is it? Are we living it right?

WIRED or Weird?
We are WIRED by the Weird Society. xx


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