Aching Heart.

Everyone comes with a reason and every reason is not necessary but we take everything to ourselves and attach it to our hearts.
we pour our feelings to that thing that we shouldn’t and just like that we ache our hearts.
when they need us they come and stay and play with our emotions but what about us?
we are used every time. but when we need them they’re not there. why?
why is that when we need some light in our dark souls no one is there to give some?
when we are thirsty no one is there to give some water?
when we are hopeless, no one is there to give some hope. even a little one.

just like any other feelings we all feel lonely, shattered, heartbroken and what not. streams and streams of complex mixed emotions
sometimes it haunts us and sometimes we all are too numb to feel it.
but what will happen if we are too numb to feel the senses? ever happened you’re so obsessed with something and suddenly some haunting fears confront you to leave your obsession. just like the newly felt love you’re feeling for someone, just like losing something that is close to you, like falling from height to deep-down low into the water. Ever felt like letting go of your breathe when you’re woken up?
these questions are not imaginary, these are sharp nails that are aching our hearts and will ache it till we face these questions.

we keep on imagining things that will sometimes never happened. Never. we all are too weak to face the actual situation and if someone tells us that they are not afraid of something to trust me, my friend, they are lying. we all have some fears, more or less.

ever felt the struggle to compact the issue you’re facing to transform it into the words? why we breaks into tears when someone touches the weaker
side of us? why we think the person should stay with us. This is because we are too weak emotionally, we all are.

ever happened that you relate to one song so damn real that you end up crying. do love it when you pour your heart out it to someone?
do you really need that someone? does fear of losing someone haunts you? what is that feeling is all about?

real or fake, we all need someone to talk with. we are a river of so so many thoughts and also are flooded with many emotions. on controlling so much our control of calmness may explode. ever felt letting go of our nerve controls? when you’re not thinking to do something but your mind is constantly forcing you to do it. ever heard the scream your aching heart that is forcing you to lay down and never wake up…


6 thoughts on “Aching Heart.

  1. Expressive and Realistic! Yes there are times when we feel we need to have someone to talk with but it’s better to be alone with a pure heart then have an “aching heart” surrounded with fake people.

    Have you ever felt hopeless or low when hindrances ran into your path? Go through my inspirational poem โ€œI Can Reach Highโ€ at
    Itโ€™s a poem of Hope, strength and a never ending spirit to live Life.
    Hope you will like it ๐Ÿ™‚
    Do leave your feedback, as itโ€™s precious.

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