Modern Day Dumping Ground.

Ever felt that you are the always one in the group/family whom everyone tells or ask out for all of their problems and issues. Are you the most reliable person everyone finds shelter in you to tell their things?

Things and scenario have changed and so is the people. when they need it they come when the don’t need you they don’t even bother you. You’re just DUMPING GROUND for them.

You can’t change the way how things work but still, you put all your efforts in order to solve their problems, but what about the mess going in your own head? No one bothers right! No one really does.
Everyone thinks you’re everyone’s favorite and your life is pretty sorted, eh?
They don’t even know how dark you’re behind the bars, inside the depth of the tensed soul! You’re screwed up.
Every time you trust someone or tell your things to someone they got fade away from your life, you find shelter in anyone easily thinking they’ll there in your bad time but they don’t. that’s how you been all your life. (laughing on self)
Just a DUMPING GROUND. yes! you’re.

Tired of trusting people, Hiding frustration in those fake smiles which you give. no one recognizes the pain! uh.
This Dumping Ground within us made us the people of stone and made our hearts just a pumping organ inside our animal type body. yes, “animal” suits us. we are. we are no less than animals!

why you are so weak at the time to even pick up the call. why you fumble telling the things?
you are the one sitting in the corner of every event. being alone makes you happy.
you’re always the one to ask out to leave out from a crowded place but you always enjoy wandering around the silent places around the corner of the sea, watching the stars in the night and thinking and thinking and thinking…

but living like you’re broke will not do you any good it’ll take you down anytime you wanna go high it’ll bring you down my buddy! Trust your soul, have faith in yourself. You are more than “Public-Pleaser”, don’t fall for peopleĀ  so hard that they forget to respect you and treat you like rubbish.

Have courage and remember that it’s nothing wrong to take some time to be yourself.
We’re all little bit screwed up but we can heal ourselves and you know what you’re more than your anxieties and mental issues and you should be happy sometimes and all the times. xx



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