But when things are simple and sorted
all those fairy tales seems to be true
with all the purity of the soul
where should I go?

I am happy to become the person I thought
but when I see around now i see nobody.
nobody holding me.
nobody is there.
where should I go?

all my practices to alone seem useless
the further I go, the more closely they come
the more I trust, the faster they broke.
so pissed off from people I thought the dark room will be my forever friend
but this darkness suffocates me now and again the question comes, where should I go?

I wanna run wild, become the child but I am no more innocent,
forgive me for the sins!
I am tired of trying. trying too hard.
I tried so hard that I lost my all hopes.
I see dreams in quiet night of all the goods but when eyes open the same shattered place comes.
colliding opinions, screwed life.
how much more mistakes will i have to commit until i reach oblivion state.
how am I doing all alone?
finding life in lyrics of those 90′ songs.
I am getting nowhere! let me be lost.
(i will be better someday)


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