Tired of being tired. (Summer’17 Experience)

So as the summers ’17 are on and everybody out there having fun, uploading some
good stuff on their social media handle. me, as usual, lying on my bed watching some Netflix stuff, drinking lots of tea, sleeping more than usual, changing routine to fit in, avoiding social media (*sigh*) stuck in the cycle of sleeping–eating–sleeping I am happy but at the same time I am not. *Journal got me like, ah!*
I am okay but it’s not okay. I am tired of being tired, you?

These repetitive loops got me like damn, I am in the trap of dopamine reward system again and i am stuck like what the heck. but as said everything comes up with a learning and this summer also brought up something although it’s kinda boring you can learn something even from nothing. (well said!)

Here are my learning:
1) There is nothing permanent thing in this universe.
everything you come across has its manufacturing and expiration date. you all are on limited license taken from God.
(Fear God) sounds weird but you have to deal with it.

2) Talk with yourself.
who can be a better friend of yours than yourself? so be kind to at least yourself!
it could be fun at the moment and also at times, you realize that how crazy you could be with your imagination. (wild imagination! :D)
create scenarios in your head and go with the flow there is beauty in there. at least sometimes.
Funny truth: a best friend is that who is there at your worst of the time, if you treat yourself as your best friend then at least you have got your back at least *fake claps*

3) Don’t Blame Yourself. Take it Easy!
don’t blame yourself for shitty reasons and don’t feel low if you are being compared to some
intelligent peep around your neighborhood by your parents. (friend. I got you!)

144 Image Credits : Google Images

4) Be shameless.
ever thought? who’s gonna laugh on you when you are no more here! for the time you are here on the earth. never fall in the web of thinking that if someone calls you shameless then you are degraded and so.
you are here for a limited time so don’t waste your time in impressing people with your fake image.
(by saying shamelessly I am not supporting the thing that you are teasing your society girls! damn. you jerk himp!)

5) Listen to your parents.
–they are your real friends at the end of the day. no matter how rude they are at sometimes.
they are the real sweethearts who are working their ass of to fetch you stuff and food.
no one will bear your arrogance like them. (man! they brought up you in the damn universe, at least give some respect)


So that’s all. what are your summer experiences you smart intelligent headed handsome buddies out there?
At last, trying not to be tired of being tired *some troll image*
Happy Summers xx


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