Abusive Dominance (Rich/Poor/Powerful)

fed up with all, no one to share,
fake government and corrupt mayors.
those who raise their voices are beaten to death
no one to listen, everybody is under demeanor threat.

so tell us please, what can we do?
is there something that you cannot do!
you are the creator, you are the destroyer
why are these dictators ruling like it’s their everlasting empire?

poor are getting assaulted by those in powers,
one doesn’t have food to eat while the others are taking money showers!
where do I run to left all this mechanism?
sick of these tendencies where everywhere is a cataclysm.

oh divine! how can we be pure?
is there something you can tell so that we’d be sure.
our happiness cures all of our wounds,
but how can we be happy when there is-
noises noises noises everywhere how can one hear your sound.

forget about global warming these people will eat us alive
rapes, murder, robbery, assassination everywhere. how to survive?
money rules all, power is a slave
those days were better when we used to live in a cave.


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