That last day of the holiday.

You have started with plans and stuff and things and whatnot. then there comes the lazy-holiday-vibes
and you suddenly saw bed covered with your favorite bed sheets on which your favorite food is placed, you like a baby panda ate it all then sleepy vibes (food>sleep>life).

you wake up next morning with a low vibe thinking someone will make breakfast for you (inner-feeling guys!)
but during brushing your teeth you realize life is hard and then you have to make breakfast for yourself.
you completed brushing then head to the kitchen for some breakfast stuff but then you realize it’s a holiday and you have the whole day to do stuff, guess what happens next?


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Yes, you’re right. Thought of a short nap comes into your mind and bed (your beloved friend) approaches you like
“Come, darling, why you’re procrastinating?” then as lazy infant baby after he/she feeded with milk from the mother,
you again successfully trapped in the web.

Then after the short nap when you wake up again, you realize that it’s not even a short nap it’s a hecking quarter of sleep.
It’s not even a time for breakfast. It’s a time for lunch. but in this case, you’re ahead because (guess-what>?) you don’t have to make lunch because it’s all ready. *sigh*

one task that is lunch is done, then you realize it’s the above mid-half the day and you have not accomplished anything yet
so in a rush to complete things you rush out to do stuff. Suddenly *phone-rings* it’s 21 new messages on WhatsApp, 13 new Instagram notification, and 43 other notifications. In the curiousness to know what’s social-media has in store you rigorously start checking these notifications replying to messages,
ignoring some messages *eh! issues right?* violent scrolling through Instagram posts, commenting back on the memes and stuff that your friend tagged you in
and tagging in memes that you found really laughable. Then there come your friends (the ground breakers, the rock stars and *some great strong words*) who are exploring lots of places putting pictures on social media platforms then you introspects yourself and realizes what the heck you’re doing here. *creepy silence*



Now it’s time somewhere near evening, but as a lazy sloth as you are *everyone(not your stud friends) is like a sloth on their holidays* you still are in the trauma of your
stud friends Facebook posts and saying yourself sort of things and deep things. *loser vibes* then suddenly a message comes from your friend saying ‘Hey! come to market. Let’s have some fun.’ *fun what you said? FUN* then you went to the market, at this time you are in less trauma than before as you are out seeing some
people having fun in reality and not on these devices which run on batteries which are charged by batteries. BUT. there come to your stud friends *ruining out the scene*
telling their trip experiences that you are avoiding for some time.

After having this it’s almost dark out there *time to go home* with the dank face you head to home.
Finally, something beautiful happens at home your mom is ready for some food *some hope arises* and you attack the food like MONSTER starving for days.
Avoiding all things at once, you go to the bed and suddenly you traverse in sweet dreams and DANG! sleep.

This routine goes on and on and on… *EAT-SLEEP-EAT*

At last, last day of holidays comes. *having any regrets, eh!?*


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