Blooming Hopes.

We were born a flower
but these thorns never left us apart.
we thought they are hurting us throughout,
but when these people pluck us apart-
we knew who’s the villain was.
these thorns were not hurting us, they were protecting us.

We were young and fresh,
we were full of life.
those honeybees loved to play with us
hoping that we could be a playground for them!
but as soon as we were plucked,
we lost out our everything.

Thrown in the dirt- ripped apart
we didn’t lose hope.
the rain came and so we are.
another cycle repeated but we didn’t lose hope.
new life, encountered with thorns again instead of hating them we realized their worth! * realized that they are the hope for life*

Short message:-
If life is going hard just remember that thorns( problems ) make us stronger. be in your zone.
people out there will definitely have an opinion about you. no matter how fine you are!
they are always gonna try to level you down. tear up your vibe. worsen your mood and what not.
every time you are feeling down remember you are flower who don’t lose hope! xx



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