Lost kid that used to live.

The spark that could burn the roof,
dreams that could touch the sky.
the depth that could be deeper than the sea,
ambition so high, no needs of wings to fly.

We were the star in our world, the world full of dreams,
a heart so soft that could melt like that of an ice-creams.
we are straight and like that of a bubble,
doesn’t knew what the future holds joy or troubles!

The world wanted us to grow fast,
concentrate on future and forget the past.
we were excited to explore the heights,
wanted to be the master of our world that is simple and lite.

Grew up fast in a curiousness,
so damn fast that we all stuck in the trap of seriousness.
one day my inner child asked me-
“is that is the reason you grew up?” heavy-heartedly I listened,
wanted to cry this time at self but shattered when no one like childhood appeared.

With a tear in my eyes, I went to the mirror,
phobia of facing self, so in terror that even image wasn’t clearer.
hiding my tears, my fears from friends and family
I headed to my bedroom, cried all night at the poorer self-recognising that-
“Childhood was a rhapsody and adulthood was a fallacy.”

Where’s the kid that was my heart back then, where’s he gone?
felt like being robbed when the reality of being older was less pro and more cons.
tried to connect with the adulthood but stuck in the mid,
then my sleep was interrupted and realized it’s freaking adulthood and I am no more a kid. xx


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