Dragging down.

I was simple and lite,
no feud with anyone life was a delight.
positivity was the only friend I had,
never thought bad of anyone never been sad.

My heart was pure and soul was faithful,
never confronted negatives in my life, so life was grateful.
parents kept me close to them, so I didn’t know how to world works,
I never knew how the world works but they told me that it’s just a bad circus.

As I grew up one thing that always amused me was how the world looks,
as long as I stepped outside- my parents told me there no one your friend like these books.
I didn’t listen to them as I was younger now,
was stuck in hell when realized it’s all hunger now.

Since childhood wanted to fly in the sky,
people’s expectations were like blades, my wings are cut down- how can I fly?
the day that I recognized that my parents were the best escape, I cried till the dawn,
felt like “why I grew up?” that the world that always dragging me down, dragging me down.



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