Thoughts on the last page of notebook.

"My life is an open book is a myth, we all are weird."

Talking about the things we wrote it down on the last page of the notebook,
where comes those thoughts from?
like that the way you wrote your crush name over there and cut it swiftly by pen so hard that page tears up,
like that way you wrote it down the name of the person you hate like hell and cut it so fast and intentionally wants to
tear this man/women like the paper tears up. all those weird things you wrote, draw or imagine are not myth buddy.
that’s what you really are and that’s what you not able to show up to people in order to maintain the status of ‘Sane’.
those are the thoughts we hide from the world and keep it to ourselves, I am talking about that thought that we fear to tell anyone.
wait fear to tell? we even fear that no one can even see it. we hide our weirdness.

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deep down low our weirdness is present which forces us to do things that are not normal. we try, try hard to fit in the picture.
we follow insanely what others (by others I mean those studs and beauties of the society) wants us to do.
man, society is just a weird thing. Society exerts that pressure on us that forces us to be in the shape that they want us to be
and we the poor souls have to adjust it.

The Last Page(1)

we try our best to act cool and be among the cool ones of the scene, in order to hide what we call “Weirdness”.
we do stupid things and what not to just get the tag of “COOL”, you and me and all of us we all faces and feels this thing everyday we all adjust and we all act fake.
but that last page of the notebook holds something unknowingly beautiful yet weird things that exist between us.

by the last page of the notebook, i mean all those things we do in a way that no one notices or come across it in the order he/she doesn’t know which type person you


hi there, you reading?
well, thanks for being here. one love xx


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Processed with VSCOcam

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