Wannabe Weirdo.

Inspired by tales and sayings of superheroes
I stood up from my bed, though this time I won’t be a weirdo.

copied style and habits insanely didn’t know they don’t exist,
momentarily I was happy but then realized the world isn’t a place-
where superheroes exist anymore.

the world is a complicated thing and for a weirdo like me especially,
we didn’t live in the moment, as the souls out there are deadly.
we weirdos wander here and there over thoughts that everyone finds weird,
talking is hard when people don’t understand what you trying to say.

so I keep my thoughts to my self in order to keep my weirdness private,
didn’t want to be termed as a joke, as the world we live in is full of pirates.
what is the loss in enjoying the company of self, as superheroes live a life full of scars
we are better where we are, we can stay here and stare the star!



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