We need companion to cross the road (Friendship Edition)

"My life would be a blank image if friends of mine wouldn't add the color
to my life"

I still remember that day of school when I have sat alone on the bench very shyly, then one boy having the same condition like me sat with me.
we still were in confusion who should speak first. definitely, he was the one who initiated the conversation, then we talked for few moments.
From next day on, we sat with each other then suddenly we make new friends
now going to school seems good as earlier I used to avoid school.
We grew up and time flew like air, bond was strong at this time and we’ve
faced good and bad times together. we were not among the top students actually we were the one who is be sitting on the last row in the class.
Then somewhere in 9th class, we were separated apart by sections.
the amount of meeting and doing things were reduced and we usually used to meet on the recess period.
As we were in the new section again fear of talking and due to shyness I sitting alone
(same old phobia) but then again the same phenomenon repeated. This time I was sitting among
top students of the class who used to hold several positions in the school and popular as well.
Earlier I used to be shy to them and used to follow them as to learn things from them and how they did so good in academics and stuff. but after some time,
i was tired of following them so hard as no improvement in academics is observed. earlier they also don’t like me (i thought so).
In this period, I started talking to those peoples whom I never talked before and you know what
I realized these are some awesome peoples whom I didn’t friend with long ago.
Then I started sitting with these 3-4 peoples regularly and bonding went pretty strong and we used to laugh all
the day long and guess what those top notch students are also the part of the group now.
Coming to academic part, it was safe to say that my performance was on a good track as I started taking notes from
them and started learning tricks and stuff from them. I had pretty dope friends from other sections too which definitely a boost to my humor level.


At the high school, friend circle went pretty big as of now things are going well. Then guess what results came out and
I did averagely-good that I managed to get Science stream. This time I wasn’t afraid to face this situation as I had friends
which are there for me now. I didn’t have fear to go school as of now. Those top-notch students were my friends now and our friendship bond went pretty good
and found out that they got a good humor too.

As I said earlier I didn’t love to go to school every day but then suddenly I liked the school and went there pretty much
these friends of mine introduced me to teachers and this period was very different for me. We used to sit with the teachers in lab periods joking
around and discussing stuff with them. Free periods were used to be the best time we had in the school memories
section. From singing to dancing and what not we did in this free period!

After some time, student council revived and bang! we were in positions. From commenting out wildly in class to performing well in examinations
we managed to make some good memories. English period being the best part, to be honest.
These 2 years after High School flew so fast we weren’t ready to be separated apart. But what have I used the word separated?
Nah! we weren’t separated but found some new dope and cool friends. We still meet on the weekends and share talks with each other.
There are no things like old and new friends when it comes to friendship, Friends are friends.

"When frequency meets up then friendship occurs."

College started same dilemma strikes as I was alone over there but again there I found some 3-4 good people who are my good friends Pentagon yay?

Old or new I respect and care for them equally and I may be offensive sometimes with them or maybe I hurt them unintentionally, To all those friends whom I talk online and all those friends whom I talk or share things as I didn’t mention things about you as this is Classroom Edition but really I am thankful to you all.


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