Rain and Romance.

These rains give me chills like they wanna tell me something,
not one, not two they tell me so many things I didn’t understand even one thing.
like a jerk I observe and wonder, just wander and explore,
splashes of the raindrops hit me like they giving me feels of a seashore.

Rains brought the slowness in the life making everything so still,
everybody calms down for a bit, wrecking down toxicity just giving us chills.
it acts like serene drug for me that forces me to introspect,
finding out that it’s me for all the things I thought someone else was a suspect.

Rains forces me to think about that old abandoned crush I had,
then romance comes into the scene making the imagination so wild and bad.
Then what mood gets off and old memories revive,
forcing me too think about that thing which I am trying to avoid.

caffeine my good friend comes into the thing playing the role of an ideal pal,
it calms my mind down, helping emotions to prevent it from a depth less fall.
When everything is sorted then suddenly rain stops which left me in trauma of emotions,
Shaming memories of my abandoned crush hit me back, what is life and why these dramatic notions.


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