Independence of Thoughts!

How can we be free when we still live in a society where there is no equality between the two sexes, where there still exists poverty so bad that one cannot afford one time’s meal, where there are farmers who commit suicide just for an as low amount as few thousands of rupees. How we can call ourselves Independent Nation where there is more gathering in family function of corrupt politician than a gathering at the place of Martyred Soldier?
When someone asks me what is the term “Independence” means to you, there are few questions that come to my mind,these are some common unasked questions which get placed in the bottom list of media priority but hurt the most.


Here it goes :

  • My question to these social patriotic ninjas who gets furious over social media over religion and issues regarding patriotism where your intelligence goes when you see little children begging on the streets?
  • My question to all the body-building dudes who uploads pictures on their social handles exposing their crystal clear 8 packs, where does your muscularity goes when you see are women getting raped in buses?
  • My question to all these feminist activists, have you ever protested for a man who gets exploited/raped by women, who is so helpless so that he can’t even come outside his room.
    Have you ever had a thought how he feels when everything he says was termed as a joke and most of these boys end up committing suicide? have you ever?
  • My question to all the girls out there who use boy for their purpose and end up getting married to another guy just because he earns more than her previous dedicated boyfriend who loved her so much that he kept everything aside to make her smile.
  • My question to all the dudes out there who enjoys and feels proud when they get the tag of “f*ckboy“, for them, girls are like use and throw material and they admit it proudly by terming their exes as “b*tches“.
  • My question to all these corrupt politicians is “Sir, why are you playing with the futures of ours?” , why don’t you interrupt and amend the education system a little bit so that robot making system can induce a little touch of free thinking preventing them becoming a pure slave of the system!
  • My question to all the abusive parents is “Dear, you gave a birth to your little one doesn’t give you the authority to rule all their life, be a good parent. Let them be free. Let them explore the depth of the ocean and elevation of the sky”. Teach them to think freely, we need more free thinkers.

As Independence Day is coming, everyone will change their profile pictures in honor to show contribution of them, my question to all these people is simply that there is no wrong is changing the display picture of yours to show your contribution and dedication but don’t forget it after this week of Independence. Ask these questions to yourself and introspect yourself the little bit and try to be the one who can proudly answer these questions.

We are heading in a way to complete 70th Independence Day, but mentally we never became Independent.
We are chained to a system if you think out of the box you are counted as mentally ill/crazy and what not. Everyone thinks of how we can develop the nation, but no one is ready to think out of the box. How can we think out of the box when we knew the consequences are such that the one who dares to think out of the box are being dragged to depression and death?

My respect and heart go to the Freedom Fighters and Brave Soldiers who selflessly gave their lives just for the sake of the nation. They must be pained to hear that what we’ve done and are doing continuously to make the things worse?
Please ask yourself. We are not independent until we are not independent mentally.



Note: This post is written by the perspective of a teenage boy whose thoughts explains the current scenario of the world and his nation and believes that we cannot be independent until we’re free mentally.
Independence for me is a state of mind where every citizen is free to think anything, where there is a sense of respect towards anyone not on the basis of their looks and gender but towards their thoughts. Independence to me is when, when there is equality among each and every religion and not riots on the basis of race and religion. Independence is when, when you go outside and hug each and every people with an open mind and lovable heart.
But as this seems like a fairy tale and fairy tales don’t exist in real world, so I wouldn’t be disappointed if full of it weren’t true but a picture can be different if even one-fourth of it is true.
If I was wrong at somewhere here, I apologize in advance. xx


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