ecstatic place.


is there a place to practice emotions?

a place where we can toss mean words in the trash

speak up the demon to the face

spit out the poison stuck in the tongue


a place where we let our veins bleed negativity

sip in kindness like there’s no extremity

inhale positivity amidst the cluttered toxic mean world

cut mean thoughts by a knife with ecstatic one


if there exists something like this

then book tickets by selling anxieties

renting out inhibitions leasing out false notions

let’s settle there for awhile and never come back!


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cold sweat.

I have seen monsters on my chest

sucking out my inhibitions, inducing fear

as they inject poison into my veins

memory lapse like the flashback of all the sins


take me back to rehab- my emotions screamed

they choked them out and buried them within

I can still feel the touch of the darkest demon upon my head

like its going deeper and deeper into the abyss so sad


naive soul wakened up upon hearing out screams of heart

scanned out mortal skeletal top to bottom drifting away dark

whilst the monsters sucked out all my blood lefting body too cold

cadaver sparked up again upon seeing the zeal of the soul

be kind to yourself.

you’re holding onto something for too damn long, as you about to say something there is something stopping you from. write it down now.

smoke words and let smoke reach onto the people you always wanted to say those words to, sooner or later they’ll inhale the smoke of your words whose particles consists of your feelings.

upon inhaling they will know your importance if in case they won’t then don’t be disappointed. smile a bit or shed a tear one or few but please let it go.
buy some flowers and bury down the bad vibes.


please know you are born one of a kind. your mother had kept you for 9 months in her womb just to let you live.
are you getting my point here?


your soul is something precious that you won’t realize as you keep on comparing yours
with theirs and theirs with yours.
you will never get the idea of self when you keep on
getting high onto their achievements and cut out yours.


it is common to get heart-broken when you move out of your zone, there are chances you
step on thorns or maybe group of people is waiting out for you to cut out your throat, just kidding on this point.


ever had intercourse with your own feelings?

wondering if you had a copy of yourself, would you have made friend with it? are you worth loving even yourself? do you ask out these questions to yourself?

there is no need of love assurance, be happy with your pet. enjoy dating yourself.


in times when you feel weak, do remember you can speak to the girl/boy that you thought you would never talk just because you always made that pictures onto your heads. if in case not, you got yourself at least.

in times of despair lie down onto your bed
and assume your ceiling to be sky for a moment and keep on
going higher and higher. close your eyes at this moment.
by now you are now isolated. you are reached to the space by now.
okay. now fall down from there.
free-fall 3-2-1 BANG! wake up from sleep. are you relaxed now?


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uncovered raw apprehensions wrapped inside the skin

like innocence exuding from humanoid skeletal

calm and composed ignoring the consequences upcoming

in love with the idea of self-such that nature used to amuse in ways


now it’s all ruined like the season which went away and never came

like the climax we expected to be the happy ending which turned out sad

the symphony that we speculated to be humane sounded tyrannical

there are bleeding hearts which hides under the blanket of bones


vulnerable intuitions lodging inside the mind so volatile

pain drips out piece by piece left out remains every time

legs weak and hands are heavy carrying out imprisoned possessions

wearing all these skins over yet hard to hide hollow naked self

void anticipation.

I’ve tasted tears and it felt so good

I’ve vomited out all my emotions

It has snatched all of my notions

I’ve been looking for someone to put on my devotion


and I’ll wait. I’ll wait till I find it, there’s no stopping by

don’t worry I’ll forgive you for your wrongs that you did to me

I’ll look after me to fill up this void

the void that is missing messing, messing missing


I know when my voice not gonna have the courage to tell things up-

my word will speak up on their own

I’ll come up with a fake smile and will tell ya that I’m fine

but drama doesn’t hide scars and magic doesn’t happen on this star

sneaking suspicion.

whilst lullaby sounding like a cacophony

my ears caress for the constellation of flamboyant idealization

how can you assure me to be safe in the world so morbid

when demolishing ferocious curfew causing speculations are everywhere


snug as a bug in a rug, it’s me and my musings

immersed deeply in the curfew of lunatic peoples

where I can salvage my peace?

when there is a massed robbery of the euphoria.


haphazard fragile sensation are unaware of their perseverance

they will congeal upon getting the serenity of alleviation

subsisting in the world so bleak for whom caricatures are a thing of worshiping

framing us psychotic for speaking up our mind, punishing it up for being one of a kind!


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contemplating self.

nothing is right, you know?

  • you don’t. it feels so heavy when you are alone among so many people, it’s hard to tell people what you’re feeling. deep down low you care about them but your action doesn’t cooperate. it’s hard you know, it’s hard when you are unable to show what you’re feeling.

no one understands right?

  • maybe. you question yourself then you also jump to your own conclusion.
    you fool yourself, you hurt yourself and then you look yourself as the victim,that’s what we do.

you imagine yourself in a happy situation that’d hardly happen?

  • hell yeah! you are so lost in the moment that you ignore what is happening in real and then later you regret not being in the moment.  you do that, don’t you?

then you think you’re lonely?

  • depends. it’s hard to maintain calm when your mind is processing several things simultaneously, sometimes it’d be the case that you are with people but you’re constantly thinking about that one particular thing which isolates you from the situation and at the situation you’re so alone, apart from reality. lonely with people, sounds strange? it is.

is it permanent?

  • simple no. it won’t meant to be forever. maybe the moment is not right but you will get over it, at least that’s what they say. Till then find solace in fake smiles and find pleasure in little things!


me to me // never ending conversation

when I am done with everyone, it is only when I reach out to me to have one on one healthy and self-comforting conversation.
A conversation in which I’m the antagonist and I’m the protagonist, but it’s only me to my conversation when I realize and examine my both sides. Sides which lies inside me.


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I shout at myself for the wrongs that I have done then I forget and I forgive myself.
It is only then I care about myself for once and I realize its okay to be alone sometimes.


Deep down low it hurts I know, but it’s only at that time I prevent myself from mean and harsh comments and I enjoy my own company so it never sucks.

I stalk people. I observe them my way.
I learn from them. I learn vibes to contain and then I remain silent like I don’t know anything but the secret is that I know. But I never follow anyone style because I love my own.


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me to me is an poetry for me.
it’s like a rhyming scheme which sets me free and makes me feel alive.
but every time, in the end, there is some part that never got finished it only get buried up by the feelings itself that creates another loop which carries on and on.


me to me is an music to me.
it’s like lyrics I wanna write but I never gathered the courage to write it down.
words can’t describe vibes.
They don’t contain energy that should be felt to the readers so I never got them down.


me to me is an art to me.
it’s like the purest form of art when I see inside myself and finds out things that I’ve been searching outside for long.

we all should do conversation with ourselves, we deserve it! :’) xx

free flow emotions // freestyle poetry

when my words get buried beneath my tongue

blocking my senses, aging up the boy so young.

they find no solace in anyone’s ear,

no one to hear, breathe, smoke and tears.


I swallow it up then hoping them to cure,

they stuck in my throat, they tryna choke me for sure.

harder to feel, numb to believe,

no one to talk, nothing to achieve.


since so long I have no one except myself,

it’s like I am bored of myself!

it’s like I am gonna choke it myself!

it’s like I am gonna kill myself, like am gonna kill myself!


do you even feel so alone?

aren’t tired of all the dramas that you been watching so long?

didn’t you lack the courage to cut the crap?

my friend when the morning comes, I hope you’ll be back to normalcy!


don’t you feel cursed when these anxieties suck your feelings,

it’s like you are avoiding yourself, when all you’ve got is yourself.

when words drip from the soul, they don’t know formalities,

free flow darling, free flow!


verses and paragraph and feelings combined,

I write my sorrows. I write my anxieties.

maybe I didn’t find the correct rhyme,

maybe you didn’t like when it’s not perfect chime.


what do you do when you feel low,

either you break down or you cry.

you want to die, you don’t feel the correct vibe,

proving the assumptions wrong, every time.


just a random dude writing sad poems,

unaware of self, finding out what inside part of me have been stolen.

when the things don’t go right, I put on my paper so white,

things that I didn’t find ways to put outside, they come out when I write!


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flowers meant to bloom, they say.

they planted like a happy seed.

not knowing what they will face.

it’s all thorns, thorns which will ache the flower.


flower suck poisons. they harm themselves.

they lick anxieties to give other their happiness.

all they left with is sorrows but they don’t say anything.

flowers are precious. don’t hurt them.


they never cared about the flower, the rain came a heavy rain,

flowers became weaker as the rain-drops were severe and disastrous

but with hope flowers look upon their human to save, but no they step on it,

you know what flowers replied, “don’t hurt yourself, I contain thorns you may get hurt”.


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