If it doesn’t matter.

If it doesn’t matter then we shouldn’t be together,
If it doesn’t matter then all the tales that we heard wouldn’t happen forever.
If it did matter then why are you pretending it’s not,
If it did matter then why we cry a lot.

If it doesn’t matter then why we are testing each other,
If it did matter then it’s enough, we don’t deserve chance another.
It mattered to me he said to his mates, describing the mishappenings written in his fate.
It didn’t matter at the end, as he and his body were buried in the sand.



Independence of Thoughts!

How can we be free when we still live in a society where there is no equality between the two sexes, where there still exists poverty so bad that one cannot afford one time’s meal, where there are farmers who commit suicide just for an as low amount as few thousands of rupees. How we can call ourselves Independent Nation where there is more gathering in family function of corrupt politician than a gathering at the place of Martyred Soldier?
When someone asks me what is the term “Independence” means to you, there are few questions that come to my mind,these are some common unasked questions which get placed in the bottom list of media priority but hurt the most.


Here it goes :

  • My question to these social patriotic ninjas who gets furious over social media over religion and issues regarding patriotism where your intelligence goes when you see little children begging on the streets?
  • My question to all the body-building dudes who uploads pictures on their social handles exposing their crystal clear 8 packs, where does your muscularity goes when you see are women getting raped in buses?
  • My question to all these feminist activists, have you ever protested for a man who gets exploited/raped by women, who is so helpless so that he can’t even come outside his room.
    Have you ever had a thought how he feels when everything he says was termed as a joke and most of these boys end up committing suicide? have you ever?
  • My question to all the girls out there who use boy for their purpose and end up getting married to another guy just because he earns more than her previous dedicated boyfriend who loved her so much that he kept everything aside to make her smile.
  • My question to all the dudes out there who enjoys and feels proud when they get the tag of “f*ckboy“, for them, girls are like use and throw material and they admit it proudly by terming their exes as “b*tches“.
  • My question to all these corrupt politicians is “Sir, why are you playing with the futures of ours?” , why don’t you interrupt and amend the education system a little bit so that robot making system can induce a little touch of free thinking preventing them becoming a pure slave of the system!
  • My question to all the abusive parents is “Dear, you gave a birth to your little one doesn’t give you the authority to rule all their life, be a good parent. Let them be free. Let them explore the depth of the ocean and elevation of the sky”. Teach them to think freely, we need more free thinkers.

As Independence Day is coming, everyone will change their profile pictures in honor to show contribution of them, my question to all these people is simply that there is no wrong is changing the display picture of yours to show your contribution and dedication but don’t forget it after this week of Independence. Ask these questions to yourself and introspect yourself the little bit and try to be the one who can proudly answer these questions.

We are heading in a way to complete 70th Independence Day, but mentally we never became Independent.
We are chained to a system if you think out of the box you are counted as mentally ill/crazy and what not. Everyone thinks of how we can develop the nation, but no one is ready to think out of the box. How can we think out of the box when we knew the consequences are such that the one who dares to think out of the box are being dragged to depression and death?

My respect and heart go to the Freedom Fighters and Brave Soldiers who selflessly gave their lives just for the sake of the nation. They must be pained to hear that what we’ve done and are doing continuously to make the things worse?
Please ask yourself. We are not independent until we are not independent mentally.



Note: This post is written by the perspective of a teenage boy whose thoughts explains the current scenario of the world and his nation and believes that we cannot be independent until we’re free mentally.
Independence for me is a state of mind where every citizen is free to think anything, where there is a sense of respect towards anyone not on the basis of their looks and gender but towards their thoughts. Independence to me is when, when there is equality among each and every religion and not riots on the basis of race and religion. Independence is when, when you go outside and hug each and every people with an open mind and lovable heart.
But as this seems like a fairy tale and fairy tales don’t exist in real world, so I wouldn’t be disappointed if full of it weren’t true but a picture can be different if even one-fourth of it is true.
If I was wrong at somewhere here, I apologize in advance. xx

Rain and Romance.

These rains give me chills like they wanna tell me something,
not one, not two they tell me so many things I didn’t understand even one thing.
like a jerk I observe and wonder, just wander and explore,
splashes of the raindrops hit me like they giving me feels of a seashore.

Rains brought the slowness in the life making everything so still,
everybody calms down for a bit, wrecking down toxicity just giving us chills.
it acts like serene drug for me that forces me to introspect,
finding out that it’s me for all the things I thought someone else was a suspect.

Rains forces me to think about that old abandoned crush I had,
then romance comes into the scene making the imagination so wild and bad.
Then what mood gets off and old memories revive,
forcing me too think about that thing which I am trying to avoid.

caffeine my good friend comes into the thing playing the role of an ideal pal,
it calms my mind down, helping emotions to prevent it from a depth less fall.
When everything is sorted then suddenly rain stops which left me in trauma of emotions,
Shaming memories of my abandoned crush hit me back, what is life and why these dramatic notions.


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We need companion to cross the road (Friendship Edition)

Wannabe Weirdo.

We need companion to cross the road (Friendship Edition)

"My life would be a blank image if friends of mine wouldn't add the color
to my life"

I still remember that day of school when I have sat alone on the bench very shyly, then one boy having the same condition like me sat with me.
we still were in confusion who should speak first. definitely, he was the one who initiated the conversation, then we talked for few moments.
From next day on, we sat with each other then suddenly we make new friends
now going to school seems good as earlier I used to avoid school.
We grew up and time flew like air, bond was strong at this time and we’ve
faced good and bad times together. we were not among the top students actually we were the one who is be sitting on the last row in the class.
Then somewhere in 9th class, we were separated apart by sections.
the amount of meeting and doing things were reduced and we usually used to meet on the recess period.
As we were in the new section again fear of talking and due to shyness I sitting alone
(same old phobia) but then again the same phenomenon repeated. This time I was sitting among
top students of the class who used to hold several positions in the school and popular as well.
Earlier I used to be shy to them and used to follow them as to learn things from them and how they did so good in academics and stuff. but after some time,
i was tired of following them so hard as no improvement in academics is observed. earlier they also don’t like me (i thought so).
In this period, I started talking to those peoples whom I never talked before and you know what
I realized these are some awesome peoples whom I didn’t friend with long ago.
Then I started sitting with these 3-4 peoples regularly and bonding went pretty strong and we used to laugh all
the day long and guess what those top notch students are also the part of the group now.
Coming to academic part, it was safe to say that my performance was on a good track as I started taking notes from
them and started learning tricks and stuff from them. I had pretty dope friends from other sections too which definitely a boost to my humor level.


At the high school, friend circle went pretty big as of now things are going well. Then guess what results came out and
I did averagely-good that I managed to get Science stream. This time I wasn’t afraid to face this situation as I had friends
which are there for me now. I didn’t have fear to go school as of now. Those top-notch students were my friends now and our friendship bond went pretty good
and found out that they got a good humor too.

As I said earlier I didn’t love to go to school every day but then suddenly I liked the school and went there pretty much
these friends of mine introduced me to teachers and this period was very different for me. We used to sit with the teachers in lab periods joking
around and discussing stuff with them. Free periods were used to be the best time we had in the school memories
section. From singing to dancing and what not we did in this free period!

After some time, student council revived and bang! we were in positions. From commenting out wildly in class to performing well in examinations
we managed to make some good memories. English period being the best part, to be honest.
These 2 years after High School flew so fast we weren’t ready to be separated apart. But what have I used the word separated?
Nah! we weren’t separated but found some new dope and cool friends. We still meet on the weekends and share talks with each other.
There are no things like old and new friends when it comes to friendship, Friends are friends.

"When frequency meets up then friendship occurs."

College started same dilemma strikes as I was alone over there but again there I found some 3-4 good people who are my good friends Pentagon yay?

Old or new I respect and care for them equally and I may be offensive sometimes with them or maybe I hurt them unintentionally, To all those friends whom I talk online and all those friends whom I talk or share things as I didn’t mention things about you as this is Classroom Edition but really I am thankful to you all.

Wannabe Weirdo.

Inspired by tales and sayings of superheroes
I stood up from my bed, though this time I won’t be a weirdo.

copied style and habits insanely didn’t know they don’t exist,
momentarily I was happy but then realized the world isn’t a place-
where superheroes exist anymore.

the world is a complicated thing and for a weirdo like me especially,
we didn’t live in the moment, as the souls out there are deadly.
we weirdos wander here and there over thoughts that everyone finds weird,
talking is hard when people don’t understand what you trying to say.

so I keep my thoughts to my self in order to keep my weirdness private,
didn’t want to be termed as a joke, as the world we live in is full of pirates.
what is the loss in enjoying the company of self, as superheroes live a life full of scars
we are better where we are, we can stay here and stare the star!


Thoughts on the last page of notebook.

"My life is an open book is a myth, we all are weird."

Talking about the things we wrote it down on the last page of the notebook,
where comes those thoughts from?
like that the way you wrote your crush name over there and cut it swiftly by pen so hard that page tears up,
like that way you wrote it down the name of the person you hate like hell and cut it so fast and intentionally wants to
tear this man/women like the paper tears up. all those weird things you wrote, draw or imagine are not myth buddy.
that’s what you really are and that’s what you not able to show up to people in order to maintain the status of ‘Sane’.
those are the thoughts we hide from the world and keep it to ourselves, I am talking about that thought that we fear to tell anyone.
wait fear to tell? we even fear that no one can even see it. we hide our weirdness.

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deep down low our weirdness is present which forces us to do things that are not normal. we try, try hard to fit in the picture.
we follow insanely what others (by others I mean those studs and beauties of the society) wants us to do.
man, society is just a weird thing. Society exerts that pressure on us that forces us to be in the shape that they want us to be
and we the poor souls have to adjust it.

The Last Page(1)

we try our best to act cool and be among the cool ones of the scene, in order to hide what we call “Weirdness”.
we do stupid things and what not to just get the tag of “COOL”, you and me and all of us we all faces and feels this thing everyday we all adjust and we all act fake.
but that last page of the notebook holds something unknowingly beautiful yet weird things that exist between us.

by the last page of the notebook, i mean all those things we do in a way that no one notices or come across it in the order he/she doesn’t know which type person you


hi there, you reading?
well, thanks for being here. one love xx


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Dragging down.

Lost kid that used to live.

Dragging down.

I was simple and lite,
no feud with anyone life was a delight.
positivity was the only friend I had,
never thought bad of anyone never been sad.

My heart was pure and soul was faithful,
never confronted negatives in my life, so life was grateful.
parents kept me close to them, so I didn’t know how to world works,
I never knew how the world works but they told me that it’s just a bad circus.

As I grew up one thing that always amused me was how the world looks,
as long as I stepped outside- my parents told me there no one your friend like these books.
I didn’t listen to them as I was younger now,
was stuck in hell when realized it’s all hunger now.

Since childhood wanted to fly in the sky,
people’s expectations were like blades, my wings are cut down- how can I fly?
the day that I recognized that my parents were the best escape, I cried till the dawn,
felt like “why I grew up?” that the world that always dragging me down, dragging me down.



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Lost kid that used to live.

Blooming Hopes.

Lost kid that used to live.

The spark that could burn the roof,
dreams that could touch the sky.
the depth that could be deeper than the sea,
ambition so high, no needs of wings to fly.

We were the star in our world, the world full of dreams,
a heart so soft that could melt like that of an ice-creams.
we are straight and like that of a bubble,
doesn’t knew what the future holds joy or troubles!

The world wanted us to grow fast,
concentrate on future and forget the past.
we were excited to explore the heights,
wanted to be the master of our world that is simple and lite.

Grew up fast in a curiousness,
so damn fast that we all stuck in the trap of seriousness.
one day my inner child asked me-
“is that is the reason you grew up?” heavy-heartedly I listened,
wanted to cry this time at self but shattered when no one like childhood appeared.

With a tear in my eyes, I went to the mirror,
phobia of facing self, so in terror that even image wasn’t clearer.
hiding my tears, my fears from friends and family
I headed to my bedroom, cried all night at the poorer self-recognising that-
“Childhood was a rhapsody and adulthood was a fallacy.”

Where’s the kid that was my heart back then, where’s he gone?
felt like being robbed when the reality of being older was less pro and more cons.
tried to connect with the adulthood but stuck in the mid,
then my sleep was interrupted and realized it’s freaking adulthood and I am no more a kid. xx

Blooming Hopes.

We were born a flower
but these thorns never left us apart.
we thought they are hurting us throughout,
but when these people pluck us apart-
we knew who’s the villain was.
these thorns were not hurting us, they were protecting us.

We were young and fresh,
we were full of life.
those honeybees loved to play with us
hoping that we could be a playground for them!
but as soon as we were plucked,
we lost out our everything.

Thrown in the dirt- ripped apart
we didn’t lose hope.
the rain came and so we are.
another cycle repeated but we didn’t lose hope.
new life, encountered with thorns again instead of hating them we realized their worth! * realized that they are the hope for life*

Short message:-
If life is going hard just remember that thorns( problems ) make us stronger. be in your zone.
people out there will definitely have an opinion about you. no matter how fine you are!
they are always gonna try to level you down. tear up your vibe. worsen your mood and what not.
every time you are feeling down remember you are flower who don’t lose hope! xx


That last day of the holiday.

You have started with plans and stuff and things and whatnot. then there comes the lazy-holiday-vibes
and you suddenly saw bed covered with your favorite bed sheets on which your favorite food is placed, you like a baby panda ate it all then sleepy vibes (food>sleep>life).

you wake up next morning with a low vibe thinking someone will make breakfast for you (inner-feeling guys!)
but during brushing your teeth you realize life is hard and then you have to make breakfast for yourself.
you completed brushing then head to the kitchen for some breakfast stuff but then you realize it’s a holiday and you have the whole day to do stuff, guess what happens next?


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Yes, you’re right. Thought of a short nap comes into your mind and bed (your beloved friend) approaches you like
“Come, darling, why you’re procrastinating?” then as lazy infant baby after he/she feeded with milk from the mother,
you again successfully trapped in the web.

Then after the short nap when you wake up again, you realize that it’s not even a short nap it’s a hecking quarter of sleep.
It’s not even a time for breakfast. It’s a time for lunch. but in this case, you’re ahead because (guess-what>?) you don’t have to make lunch because it’s all ready. *sigh*

one task that is lunch is done, then you realize it’s the above mid-half the day and you have not accomplished anything yet
so in a rush to complete things you rush out to do stuff. Suddenly *phone-rings* it’s 21 new messages on WhatsApp, 13 new Instagram notification, and 43 other notifications. In the curiousness to know what’s social-media has in store you rigorously start checking these notifications replying to messages,
ignoring some messages *eh! issues right?* violent scrolling through Instagram posts, commenting back on the memes and stuff that your friend tagged you in
and tagging in memes that you found really laughable. Then there come your friends (the ground breakers, the rock stars and *some great strong words*) who are exploring lots of places putting pictures on social media platforms then you introspects yourself and realizes what the heck you’re doing here. *creepy silence*



Now it’s time somewhere near evening, but as a lazy sloth as you are *everyone(not your stud friends) is like a sloth on their holidays* you still are in the trauma of your
stud friends Facebook posts and saying yourself sort of things and deep things. *loser vibes* then suddenly a message comes from your friend saying ‘Hey! come to market. Let’s have some fun.’ *fun what you said? FUN* then you went to the market, at this time you are in less trauma than before as you are out seeing some
people having fun in reality and not on these devices which run on batteries which are charged by batteries. BUT. there come to your stud friends *ruining out the scene*
telling their trip experiences that you are avoiding for some time.

After having this it’s almost dark out there *time to go home* with the dank face you head to home.
Finally, something beautiful happens at home your mom is ready for some food *some hope arises* and you attack the food like MONSTER starving for days.
Avoiding all things at once, you go to the bed and suddenly you traverse in sweet dreams and DANG! sleep.

This routine goes on and on and on… *EAT-SLEEP-EAT*

At last, last day of holidays comes. *having any regrets, eh!?*


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